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10 people were interrogated by Kaohsiung Prosecutors Office because of an illegal sexual and pornographic Web.

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  • Last updated:2021-10-04
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     10 people were interrogated by Kaohsiung Prosecutors Office because of an illegal sexual and pornographic Web.

     Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office led this investigation on 30th Aug. With search warrant, law enforcement agencies searched 14 spots, located in Taipei,Tainan,Taichung,Kaohsiung city, and seized 13 host computers ,12 cell phones , sex toys(such as vibrating egg, wand vibrator),staff guidebooks, staff profiles and contacts.10 suspects were arrested.

     After investigation, the defendant Lin(age 36) and Xiaoage 35) were detained and held incommunicado. The other defendants Yao,Chen,Zeng ) were on bail.

     The origin of the case was a suspicion. When Prosecutor Gao investigated the other case, he suspected a living streaming dating website that might offer illegal sexual service.Quickly,he conducted a task force to keep tracking down. According to the investation,Lin and Xiao set up an online-corporation and advertised it via website,FB and IG to recruit women employee. The advertise messages contained some key words ,such as high pay, flexible hours,bonus,require-little, part-time OK ,anyone who can be streamer only by talking or typing to lure people. 

     This website charged members by buying points. Members could buy points via virtual payment account,USTD-TRC20, credit card payment online,and WebATM.Each point is equal to one NTW dollar. Members spend their points for live-chatting with streamers, or buy virtual gift with different price to them. Streamers could be asked to take off all clothes ,or self-touch their private part depended on the value of“gifts”that they received. As operators, Lin and Xiao would provide host computer ,web-camera and sex toys to these streamers.

    During the investigation, the law enforcement agencies also found some of streamers are under 18 years old. To prevent this fact to be found, Lin and Xiao asked all minor should claim they are all over 18 and try to hide their real age.

    From June 2017 until May 2021, the amount of ill-gotten gains is up to more than 96 million NTW dollars. For the actual ill-gotten gains is still checking.


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