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Bilingual Glossary Table

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中文 英譯
主任檢察官 Head Prosecutor
代理人 Proxy
本人 Concerned Party
刑事被告具保須知 Bail Notice
刑事報到 Registration
刑事報到言詞申告 Oral Accusations
各項查詢 Miscellaneous
具保 Bail bond
受戒治處分人 Substance Abuser
拘留室 Detention Room
易服勞役場 Compulsory Labor Area
法定代理人 Legal Representative
法醫師 Forensic Medical Examiner
法警 Bailiff
初審 Preliminary Review
指認牆 Witness Identifying Wall
重大犯罪被害人申訴處 Victims' Appeals  (Serious Crimes)
候保室 Holding Room
書面陳情 Statement in Writing
書記官 Clerk
偵查佐 Detective
偵查庭 Investigation Room
執行科 Enforcement Section
採尿室 Urine Collection Office
被詢問人於「錄音中」顯示器未顯示前得不回答各詢問 If recording equipment is off, you have the right not to answer any questions
責付 Custody Certificate
通譯 Interpreter
發還保證金 Bail Refunds
訴訟和解 Statement of Settlement
訴訟輔導 Litigation Assistance
訴願法庭 Appeals Hearing Room
新聞採訪室 Press Room
電子郵件陳情 Statement by Email
電話陳情 Statement by Telephone
監護人 Legal Guardian
複審 Secondary Review
談話室 Conversation Room
調查員 Investigator
親自陳情 Statement in Person
親屬 Relatives
錄事 Clerk Assistant
檢察事務官 Administrative Prosecutor
檢察官 Prosecutor
檢察官偵訊室 Interrogation Room
檢驗員 Forensic Investigator
繕撰書狀 Documents Assistance
警員 Police Officer
羈押被告候訊室 Interrogation waiting Room
觀護人 Probation Officer
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