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A Booklet on the Service Mission Statement

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  • Last updated:2020-03-20
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I. Prosecutorial Affairs


1. Raising the efficiency of prosecution.

(1) Installing special teams, in response to the needs of these times, and to combat crimes with complex and technical matters, such as corruption, drug-trafficking, infringement of intellectual property rights, and crimes of this nature.

(2) Installing teams of advocacy taking charge of cross-examination in court.

(3) Strengthening the communication with the judicial police agencies and helping the court find appropriate sentences.

(4) Insuring a good attitude while performing functions of the Prosecutors Office.

(5) Insuring that human rights are fully protected.

(6) Overseeing prosecutorial functions to make certain that criminal cases are handled without delay.

(7) Using deferred indictment correctly to help criminals without previous convictions to readjust to life in a free society and remain active members of their communities.

(8) Relieving courts of their caseload.

(9) Dealing with petitions and autopsies correctly and efficiently.

(10) Cracking down on organized crimes, corruption, and electoral vote - rigging.

(11) Overseeing bailiffs in the execution of their duties with great precision.

(12) Helping people who suffer losses due to misconduct of government employees and screening petitions claiming compensation from having been wrongly detained or convicted.

(13) Dealing with civil cases and other non-criminal affairs according to laws.

(14) Strengthening the functions of investigators for prosecutors to ease the burden of prosecutors.

(15) Reporting criminal cases in the press correctly.

(16) Speeding up and computerizing the recording of affidavits or other statements made during investigations of a criminal case.

(17) Installing secluded rooms for witnesses in secrecy or victims of a sex crime during the investigation of a criminal case.

(18) Providing distant video equipment to interrogate a witness far away or prisoners in jail.

2. Enforcing criminal decisions.


Strengthening the function of enforcing court decisions. Conducting the execution of the court's final decisions under the supervision of a head prosecutor, decisions that may include life sentences, imprisonment, fines, and disfranchisements.


3. Judicial Protection

(1) Assisting ex-offenders to readjust to life in a free society.

(2) Training well-chosen volunteers to help ex-offenders lead more independent and fulfilling lives.

(3) Giving legal lectures by selected prosecutors and investigators for prosecutor to students of middle schools for the purpose of crime prevention.

II. Administration

  1. Computerization and automation of the office for more efficient operation.
  2. Usage of bulletin board systems and sending messages and documents by e-mail.
  3. Promoting all-out propagation of rule-of-law education, especially concerning anti-drugs, anti-electoral vote-rigging, and the protection of women and children.
  4. Avoiding bureaucratic hassles.
  5. Increasing channels for people to give advice, including conducting opinion polls to find out what people think, and visiting people by the chief prosecutor. Setting up a service center (tel:886-7-2161467 or 886-7-2161468 ext.3134)to provide services such as bail refunds and victims' appeals(serious crimes).
  6. Selecting and training volunteers for the campaign against organized crime, electoral vote-rigging, and corruption.
  7. Improving working environments of the offices.
  8. Strengthening security controls for the protection of all staff members.
  9. Holding on-the-job training sessions to increase knowledge in specialized areas.
  10. Strengthening the screening process, and correcting errors through discussion.
  11. Providing people with information about our office.

III. Conclusion


We aim for a clean and efficient government, based on the principle of the rule of law. This office will make every effort to achieve its goal—keeping criminals off the street and our communities safe for everyone. Our staff will endeavor to ensure that justice is served. If you have any comments or suggestions, please do not feel hesitant to let us know, so that we can offer the best possible services in the future.

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