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Kaohsiung Prosecutors Crack Down Auto Insurance Scam and Seize Illegal Gains

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  • Last updated:2020-11-23
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Kaohsiung Prosecutors Crack Down Auto Insurance Scam and Seize Illegal Gains


8 people were arrested by police allegedly making fraudulent insurance claims following car accidents, and attempting to inflate its value through a series of lies.

The investigation was led by Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office and the Criminal Investigation Bureau. According to the investigation, the suspectsWang, Hsu ) who operate car rental ,repair and used car business, could buy or repair the auto at a much lower price . Also, they knew well that the insurance company usually takes the market price of the same year and type auto as amount when the insured files an auto insurance claim.

In order to earn the niche, Wang found out the suitable spot for falsely reported stolen vehicle or fake car accident from June 2017.Meanwhile, Wang recruited more people to join his scam. Hsu, Lin, Liao, Lu ,Chiang were car owners who insured full collision and comprehensive coverage. Yang, Lin and more three people were drivers caused phantom accidents, or disposed of the vehicle by leaving it somewhereor the accomplice would drive it away).Then the suspects would lied to the police to get the untrue report record ,then transferred it to file the insurance claim.

From June 2017 until Sep 2020,there were at least 35 phantom accidents or cars stolen were reported. 11 insurance companies and 47 autos were involved. The amount of ill-gotten gains is up to 40 million TW dollars.

After conducting a search warrant , the law enforcement seized 5 autos ,cell phone, insurance quotes, vehicle license ,bank deposit books and 2.76 million NT dollars. Six suspects (Wang, Hsu, Lu, Lin, Chiang and Yang) had been taken into custody. Two suspects(Lin, Liao) were released on bail of 50,000 and 100,000 TW dollars.


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