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  • History

    I. History The Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, while still under Japanese occupation, was first located in " Shanhsia Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City". Since the office facility was almost ruined by the allied air forces in the Second World War, Chief Prosecutor Lu Tang, Hu, who headed this office soon after the Republic of China regained autonomy from Japan in 1945, was allowed to use the then Kaohsiung Commercial School. In 1946, the office moved again to Nr. 188, Hedong Road, Chianjin District, Kaohsiung City, the current address today. The office building was conveniently situated near the Love River, surrounded by beautiful scenery, where people had good views of Wanshou Mountain. With the increasing population and economic growth of the 1970s and 1980s, the prosecutors office faced higher crime rates. As a result, more personnel and greater office space were needed. It was not, however, until 1986 that the original office building was demolished and a new one rebuilt at the same location. Since then, the new eight-storey building, including a two-level basement, has been used as a main office for the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office.   II. Establishment The new 4492.85 square meter office building, shared by this office and Kaohsiung District Court, has a stately and solemn appearance. Due to increased personnel, the office rented additional accommodations, situated at Nr. 245, Jungieng 4th Road, Chianjin District, Kaohsiung City(tel:07-2152565), for the Rehabilitation Officer Office, the Enforcement Section and other administrative offices. The Loot Storage and the Archives are located at Nr. 79, Chungjeng Road, Tzuoying District, Kaohsiung City(tel: 07-3459809).


Future Direction

  • Future Direction

    1. Wipe out gangs and corruption; establish an enforcement unit.   2. Eliminate embezzlement.   3. Strengthen the capability of anti-smuggling organizations.   4. Carry out counter-narcotics education.   5. Enhance the propaganda of the Witness Protection Law.   6. Avoid piling up of cases and streamline the process for clerks.   7. Promote the quality of forensic physicians and examiners.   8. Invigorate the correctional functions of the community.   9. Take professionalism, dedication, and accountability as the prosecutorial agency’s common values.   10. Response to the policy of ensuring social peace and order through the joint efforts of the people.  


Hot News

  • “Catch Your Life,Dreams Come True” The 2019 Father’s Day Public Welfare Activity of Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office

    The movie “Miracle in Cell No. 7” opened the 2019 Father’s Day Public Welfare Activity of Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office. The event was held at the 1st Floor of Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Second Office, along with Taiwan After-Care Association and Kaohsiung Honorary Probation Officers Association. There were more than 30 people who are under custody joined the event. Chief Prosecutor CHOU CHANG-CHIN gave a word to the participants in person. In his speech, Chief Prosecutor Chou mentioned that father’s love is more implicit and traditional in the oriental society; as a result, you feel the warmth and sternness at the same time. He also encouraged those who are under custody and those who are sons and daughters to spend more time with their parents, even though they can not materially satisfy their parents. Parent’s joyfulness comes from daily companionship; their loves are selfless, so they don’t ask for a return. The supports and interactions from the family are the keys to help people under custody return to society. Therefore, Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office emphasizes the link between each case and his family, and hope this activity can strengthen the possibility of returning to society as well. In addition to the movie itself, the introduction of the movie guided participants about the father’s love and warmth. Honorable Probation Officer CHANG MEI-HUI and her team taught people under custody how to make “Dreamcatcher,” a native North American handicraft, and take it as a gift to their fathers. Honorable Probation Officer CHANG explained that “Dreamcatcher” has a meaning of bringing good luck; by way of crafting artworks, hope all the participants can “Catch Your life, Dreams Come True.” Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office held this event before Father’s Day not only to aid people under custody appreciate the preciousness of family, but also to increase family support and family harmony, as well as a feeling of happiness.

  • Mother’s Day Charity Event in probation services

    Mother’s Day Charity Event in probation services At the eve of Mother’s Day, Kaohsiung District Prosecutor’s Office and Taiwan After-Care Association Kaohsiung Branch host a charity event- taste coffee and appreciate grace of Mom. 50 people under custody and their families join the event, and the Deputy Chief Prosecutor Ge, Guang-Hui (葛光輝) and the Director of Taiwan After-Care Association Cheng, Yi- Chen (陳義成) both attend the event. Deputy Chief prosecutor of Kaohsiung District Prosecutor’s Office Ge Guang-Hui (葛光輝) addresses that life is like coffee, everyone has to endure sour, sweet, bitter, and astringent times. As long as after being experienced, one could find his taste of life. Sometimes one may lost his way, company from family will help back to the main stray. Family support is crucial to each stage of life, and people under custody should cherish their new opportunities of life and families. Master of boiling coffee Chang, Siyang-Jiye (張翔傑) was invited to have a talk “ Coffee and Life.“ He shared his experience of being immersed in coffee from a beginner. The clinic includes boiling and tasting coffee as well as tips of eating well. Families are the back of support and force of change. This event looks forward to helping people under custody back to their families and the society in the effort of probation services. Moreover, their devotion to the society is more than welcome.

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