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  • History

    I. History The Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, while still under Japanese occupation, was first located in " Shanhsia Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City". Since the office facility was almost ruined by the allied air forces in the Second World War, Chief Prosecutor Lu Tang, Hu, who headed this office soon after the Republic of China regained autonomy from Japan in 1945, was allowed to use the then Kaohsiung Commercial School. In 1946, the office moved again to Nr. 188, Hedong Road, Chianjin District, Kaohsiung City, the current address today. The office building was conveniently situated near the Love River, surrounded by beautiful scenery, where people had good views of Wanshou Mountain. With the increasing population and economic growth of the 1970s and 1980s, the prosecutors office faced higher crime rates. As a result, more personnel and greater office space were needed. It was not, however, until 1986 that the original office building was demolished and a new one rebuilt at the same location. Since then, the new eight-storey building, including a two-level basement, has been used as a main office for the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office.   II. Establishment The new 4492.85 square meter office building, shared by this office and Kaohsiung District Court, has a stately and solemn appearance. Due to increased personnel, the office rented additional accommodations, situated at Nr. 245, Jungieng 4th Road, Chianjin District, Kaohsiung City(tel:07-2152565), for the Rehabilitation Officer Office, the Enforcement Section and other administrative offices. The Loot Storage and the Archives are located at Nr. 79, Chungjeng Road, Tzuoying District, Kaohsiung City(tel: 07-3459809).


Future Direction

  • Future Direction

    1. Wipe out gangs and corruption; establish an enforcement unit.   2. Eliminate embezzlement.   3. Strengthen the capability of anti-smuggling organizations.   4. Carry out counter-narcotics education.   5. Enhance the propaganda of the Witness Protection Law.   6. Avoid piling up of cases and streamline the process for clerks.   7. Promote the quality of forensic physicians and examiners.   8. Invigorate the correctional functions of the community.   9. Take professionalism, dedication, and accountability as the prosecutorial agency’s common values.   10. Response to the policy of ensuring social peace and order through the joint efforts of the people.  


Hot News

  • Guidelines for Dealing with Conflicts in Colleges on Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Bill

    Kaohsiung Prosecutors Office’s standards for dealing with disputes on Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill movement on local campus are as follows: Non “No prosecution without complaint” incidents: On the premise of self-autonomy of academic community, the prosecutors will direct the police to investigate the incidents once upon noticed by academic community. In the same time, assistance would be provided to prevent incidents reoccurring in order to maintain campus order and protect students’ safety. ”No prosecution without complaint” incidents: On the premise of respecting party’s intent to file a complaint and self-autonomy of academic community, the police will assist in preliminary inquiry. Prosecutors will keep contact and cooperate with police precinct and academic authorities in crime prevention.  

  • Prosecutors in Kaohsiung District Office Indicted Former Employees of High-tech Corporation for Trade Secret Theft.

    Kaohsiung District Office Prosecutors coordinated Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau (MJIB) to probe the trade secret theft of Chipbond(頎邦) Technology Corporation has come to an end. Nine former managers of the Hsin Bao(欣寶) Corporation were charged for technology theft, breach of trust and embezzlement. Another former engineering department manager was indicted for committing an unauthorized reproduction, usage trade secret under Trade Secret Act and breaching of fiduciary duty under Penal Code.  Considering great commercial interests lost and diminishing criminal incentive, the prosecutor asked the court that the defendants should be fined appropriately as well.   Evidence collected in an investigation showed that Chipbond Corporation and JMC Electronics Corporation both produce Chip on Film. Their technique of production is different, however, the competition is very intensive in the market. In May 2003, former manager Lee and deputy manager Huang of Hsin Bao found the company would be acquired by Chipbond on August 1 that year. After the acquisition, the managers worried that they would lose control of the Hsin Bao factory. As a result, they had passed information on key technologies “Fine Pitch Enhanced NewEtching” developed by Hsin Bao to its rival, JMC Electronics Corporation. Lee and Huang also poached former Chipbond Corporation employees to JMC Electronics Corporation in order to obtain trade secrets and key technology information   Chen and other managers downloaded the trade secret mentioned above from company’s servers prior to resigning from Chipbond. The files then were stored in personal notebook, cloud database, usb flash drive or e-mail and transferred to intended destination later. Chen and other managers then joined JMC company with the trade secret.   The prosecutor also found that manager Shih, without authorization from Chipbond, resigned from Chipbond on 30 June 2013 and downloaded confidential files the next day on 1 July 2013. The number of files is up to 25,000 and the size is up to 3.07GB.   Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office urge the public to respect others’ intellectual property, high-tech information and trade secrets, and are dedicate to establishing a fair competition environment for people to operate business within Kaohsiung City.  

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