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The related rights and process of the accused in the interrogation
The related rights and process of the complaint and witness in the interrogation

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  • Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Investigated NT227 Million Luxury goods Scam, Two Detained and Two Released On Bail

    Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Investigated NT227 Million Luxury goods Scam, Two Detained and Two Released On Bail.   Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office Anti-Corruption Unit director prosecutor Song and prosecutor Hsu commanded Ministry of Justice Investigation Bureau(MJIB) Southern Region Office to Investigate the case of fraudulent company,Heng Yao international boutique LTD.. At about 7:00 a.m.on April 27,2022, the task force successively searched 6 places in Kaohsiung and Tainan with warrant,seizing seravel laptops, tablets, mobile phones,colored diamonds, rings etc.., 9 defendants including the defendant surnamed Lin were summoned. After being interrogated by the prosecutor, 3 defendants surnamed  Lin(the person in charge of the company), Zeng(chief director of the company) and Yang(special assistant of the company) were identified as being involved in banking law、aggravated fraud and money laundering control act, with serious criminal suspicions, and the reasons and necessity for detention, and the defendant surnamed Lin, Zeng successively applied to the court for detention. Forbidden to see was approved; the defendant surnamed Yang released on bail for NT$80000. the other defendants including the defendant surnamed Huang released on bail for NT$50000.   Preliminary investigation revealed that the defendants surnamed Lin established Heng Yao international boutique LTD.,for illegal fundraising activities, the defendant surnamed Zeng was the chief director responsible for personnel and education training and other businesses, the defendant surnamed Huang and Yang were figurehead、special assistant of the director respectively, the other defendants were employees of the company. from October 2016 to October 2021, In the name of Heng Yao international boutique LTD.,the suspects lured the victims to become VIP members of Heng Yao international boutique LTD.,claiming that VIP members can get 20% off the price of diamonds,but kept by Heng Yao international boutique LTD.. The VIP membership period is 3 years, each investment unit is NT$100000, and they issue gift coupons according to the investment unit every month.The gift coupons can be exchanged for equivalent products or cash, and maximum of 18% interests for revenue annually. To convinced the investors, Heng Yao international boutique LTD. also guaranteed to repurchase diamonds from investors at the original price afterwards as repayment. It is estimated that the illegal gains reach NT$227 Million out of their victims, received by the defendant surnamed Lin .The detailed amount is still under investigation.

  • Kaohsiung District Prosecutors’ Office Charged 9 People for Exploiting and Abusing Foreign Crew on A Longline Fishing Boat, “Da Wang”, Against Human Trafficking Prevention Act

    Kaohsiung District Prosecutors’ Office Charged 9 People for Exploiting and Abusing Foreign Crew on A Longline Fishing Boat, “Da Wang”, Against Human Trafficking Prevention Act Director prosecutor Hon and prosecutor Liao, women and children protection unit in Kaohsiung District Prosecutors’ Office, commanded relating law enforcement agencies to investigate exploiting foreign fishing labors on a longline fishing boat, Da Wang, and indicted 9 people for allegation that crew beat migrant fishermen, forced them to work up to 20 hours a day, and made Muslim employees eat pork that violating their practice of religious believe. The 9 people indicted by the prosecutors for violating human trafficking prevention law included two Taiwanese crew members of the fishing vessel "Da Wang", the agency of migrant workers, as well as two heads of a company that owns the boat. The migrant fishermen were Filipino and Indonesian and they were physically abused while fishing in the south Pacific. Prosecutors have determined that the captain and first officer actually forced and coercive to commit labor exploitation of migrant fishermen. One of the fishermen died onboard after being hit by the first mate, but as the boat was in Fiji at the time, the local court did not hold him accountable.   Upon reported of a suspicion of boat "Da-Wang" got involved into seagoing slavery and coerced labor in 2019 and 2021, Kaohsiung Prosecutors’ Office organized a special task force and started to probe the case. Though most of fishermen got off the boat at port Suva in Fiji, and requested mutual legal assistance was not responded by Fuji authorities, prosecutors Hon and Liao Still made their efforts to inquired fishermen stayed in Taiwan and transferred to Taiwan. By analyzing seized amounts of fish, captain's email, on-site inspection, results of fishing boat equipment, fishing boat tracking map, fishermen’s paycheck as well as complaints provided by Greenpeace Foundation, prosecutors concluded that Taiwanese captain and first mate of the fishing vessel and 7 others violated human trafficking act , and coercion and forgery in criminal code.   Taiwan operates the world's largest deep-sea fishing fleet and wins her name as ‘longline fishery Kingdom’, with boats spending months -- and sometimes years -- crossing remote oceans to supply the seafood. Kaohsiung Prosecutors’ Office calls on all public continually pay attention to the fragile labor situation of foreign fishermen in the ocean, work together to find out whether there are unscrupulous persons using the system for labor exploitation, strengthen the intensity of law enforcement, and jointly safeguard the human rights of foreign fishermen. We will also not allow offenders commit crimes by using longline fishing boats as a lawless islands where migrants had to work long hours in abusive conditions with low pay.    

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